Summer Nationals and FBLA

FBLA students have been preparing to represent QHS at the national level since April. These students placed in the top three at state FBLA competition in March in order to make it to nationals. Students have been studying, researching, and working with their FBLA sponsor, Mrs. Tammy Alford, in their individual categories since April. Their hard work was put to the test when they competed virtually June 10, 2021 at the National FBLA convention. They will find out how they placed July 1.

Trinity FBLA

QHS student Trinity competed in ‘Intro to Financial Math.’ Trinity picked her favorite subject to compete. She said, “I like math, and I’ve had time to study since the end of the school year. ” In the fall of 2021, Trinity will be going to MSMS (Mississippi School for Math & Science). Trinity says, “I am looking forward to MSMS and the variety of college credit classes I will take there, but I will miss my friends and my teachers here in Quitman.”

Kaylee FBLA

Freshman Kaley Jones competed in ‘Intro to Business Communications.’ Kaley said that she enjoyed her first year at QHS and in FBLA. When asked how she prepared for competition, Kaley said, “I studied the material Mrs Alford gave me and took practice tests to prepare.”

Jamarrion FBLA

JaMarrion Turner-Ingram competed in ‘Information Technology.’ JaMarrion is a QHS sophomore who enjoys FBLA and basketball. Although he is in summer league basketball and busy with games and practice, he still found time to practice weekly with Mrs. Alford for his category at FBLA National Competition.

Jalen Nixon competed in ‘Business Calculations.’ Jalen is a QHS junior with academic honors in many subjects. In preparing for competition, Jalen studied concepts for his category and took practice tests each week with FBLA sponsor Mrs. Alford.


GREAT job representing QHS, Trinity, Kaley, JaMarrion, and Jalen, on the state and national level!

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